D12 - My Band

Whilst there's a lingering similarity to 50 Cent's G-Unit, Eminem's D12 - and make no mistake in thinking this venture is not supported on Eminem's thin frame - are an altogether smarter group and less a work of vanity than Eminem working out some of the material less well suited to his own albums.

As such, the D12 sound is less polished than that across the Dre-influenced Eminem/Slim Shady solo albums with the sparse use of real instruments favoured over the layered, complex laid-back funk of the Dre recordings.

Lyrically, there's little worse in rock than a band bemoaning life on the road and whilst My Band only half conforms to this - Eminem's moments both celebrate the availability of groupies backstage as well as the hassles of dealing with their boyfriends - there's still the sense that it would have worked better had it lasted no more than a minute, minute-thirty between songs on the album. No matter the feeling of this being a band, the contributions from Proof, Kon Artis, Bizarre and the rest are not the equal of Eminem's but, given his production and his opening of the song, he's surely aware of.

Better than G-Unit - then again so are my aunts at a Karaoke night having had a few Snakebites - this is short of Eminem solo material and far from the quality of what's expected from Dre's associated artists.



out of 10
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