Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain

If the release of May Your Kindness Remain seems quick, it's probably because you're not in the USA. Courtney Marie Andrews previous album was officially released in 2017 in the UK, with the Arizonan singer's fourth release hot on its heels. Being under the radar meant that Honest Life's appearance on many year-end lists was the first time Andrews gained wider visibility.

Those new fans will be happy as its follow-up doubles down on what made that such a success. Andrews' shimmering, nuanced voice is still the most powerful element of her sound, though the production feels amped up on May Your Kindness Remain. From the opening title tracks swell of instrumentation onwards it feels more ambitious. The 27-year-old still does haunting songs of longing well, as 'Lift The Lonely From My Heart' can attest,  and there are gospel grooves on 'Two Cold Nights In Buffalo', a rough and ready beat to 'Border', a sense of defiance to 'I've Hurt Worse', and a sense of belonging to 'This House'.


Expansive and ambitious follow-up to her breakthrough.


out of 10

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