Cours Lapin

Collectively, Cours Lapin have quite an impressive CV. Members have been scoring documentaries, soundtracking ballets, working with the Beastie Boys and adding their sonic touches to a number of films and Danish television. And considering this relation between music and visual media, it’s no surprise that this debut album is very much about taking the listener on a journey.

Baroque flourishes are prevalent throughout much of the album, with most of the music played acoustically except for a few electronic additions. The dark and contemplative opener ‘1,2,3’ is sparse yet beautiful with its rising and falling guitars and music box sounds, while ‘Cache Cache’ incorporates some theatrical pianos and the brilliantly playful vocals of Louise Alenius.

Cours Lapin is an album all about mood and emotion, and Miss Alenius’ completely French-spoken vocals are what put this across most of the time. It injects personality into the melancholy ‘Blanc’, and the double bass groove of the title track. Her voice is one that oozes both attitude and grace in equal measure and it shows through each track. But even when the instruments are left to do the talking on ‘Mes Larmes Secretes’, it manages to conjure a mood like no other.

You can tell this album was made by composers of some sort. Each sound is meaningfully placed and carefully layered so as to create the right mood, and the exotic, mysterious journey the album as a whole takes you on is one that won’t leave you easily.



out of 10
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