Cold Cave - Love Comes Close

Cold Cave is the handiwork of Wesley Eisold, who despite being in numerous hardcore bands is probably most famous for an altercation with Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy over alleged stolen lyrics. After an out of court settlement, Eisold has a larger bank balance and a writing credit on From Under The Cork Tree and Infinity On High.

Avoiding the obvious temptation to rush down to the newsagents and blow the lot on Curly Wurlys, Eisold has instead invested in some synthesisers. From this magical electronic egg Cold Cave have emerged, their destination is circled on the map in red pen: the 80s.

Prior to this CD they released Cremations, an extraordinary collection of their early tracks that sounds like an old C90 found down the side of a sofa in the back of Gary Numan’s brain. Often so hushed and distant that it sounds like it was recorded by a single microphone positioned several miles away from the band; other times noisy and abrasive but can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it special.

Love Comes Close is a far more polished affair: a collection of 9 tracks running at just over 30 minutes of holding a mirror to the darker underbelly of the 80s. After just a few listens you’ll be teasing a quiff into your hair and rolling up the sleeves of a suit jacket. There is an exceptional variety in the nine tracks: ‘Cebe and Me’ with its cold female voiceover and Commodore 64-esque loading screen music is haunting and barren; title track ‘Love Comes Close’ is an open love letter to New Order. ‘I.D.C.K’ has a dance-floor stomp and vocally owes much to Dave Gahan.

There isn’t a bad track here and although it’s all over fairly quickly, it’s certainly a case of quality over quantity. If you are reliving the 80s in your music collection Cold Cave are one of the finest purveyors of the darker electro-pop sound. This isn’t the easiest record to get hold of (I managed to purchase an import from the Rough Trade store and I’m not sure if there is even a UK release date), but if reading this has you burrowing through the cupboards to find a pair of tight stonewashed jeans, it's well worth the effort of tracking down.



out of 10
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