Codes in the Clouds - Distant Street Lights/Fractures

Interesting, and worthy of individual attention, instrumental five-piece Codes in the Clouds have released a debut EP of startling drive and intensity. Taking their cue from the post-rock vanguard, CITC's take on 'quiet-loud' is gripping and, in the current climate, very welcome.

Both 'Distant Street Lights and 'Fractures' hover in on a film of gentle arpeggios and shuffling percussion before detonating in overdriven tumult. Reference points ? They owe something, of course, to genre leaders Explosions in the Sky but I'm also reminded of the mighty Slowdive when the guitars explode. Both tracks clock in at less than five minutes; enough time for the build-up to take hold and the ebb and flow to diminish, but hopefully they have enough ideas to journey further and longer. Only time will tell if they can take an unavoidably limiting foundation to new and diverting places. The aforementioned EITS have managed the feat of moving from mere soundscapery to something altogether more metaphorical; whether Codes in the Clouds have it within them to stretch their sonic canvass similarly remains to be seen. I'm looking forward to finding out. Recommended.



out of 10
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