Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds

Those seeking anything akin to Miles Davis should look elsewhere; although trio Cobblestone Jazz have played both London club Fabric and the Montreux Jazz Festival, they lean far more towards the style of music you'd associate with the former. 23 Seconds is, for the most part, fairly typical minimal house/techno. To the uninitiated, this means a focus on simple rhythms and repetitive, slow-building, synth patterns (and no big vocals). Depending on your tastes, you'll likely find it either hypnotic or tediously meandering.

The jazz influence comes, intermittently, in the form of Danuel Tate's keyboard playing. Dump Truck and Slap The Back certainly have an improvisational layer. However, the best two tracks have less pretensions. The warm deep house of PBD was made to wash over the listener, and W, built just on a few loops and a heavily vocodered vocal, is the sort of tune that once invited onto your iPod will rattle around your head for days.

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