Clearlake - Neon

Clearlake have been around for a while - ploughing away in their kind of Britpop inspired epic styled songs of heart break and dejection. Three albums in and although they've received some critical support, they haven't quite made it. I saw them recently supporting The Crimea - understudies to a new band that may fill venues but don't have as much talent or ideas as these quiet chaps from Hove.

Anyway, I digress... this second single from the rather excellent album Amber sounds like it could be used in the next Bond film. Big drums, chirpy guitars and great sways of orchestral backing, I can see 007 racing down a mountain side when the guitars turn all edgy just before reaching the epic sounding chorus. It sounds like nothing else on their album let alone anything else in the charts at the moment. There's a hint of Scott Walker’s style here though Pegg's voice isn't quite as impressive as his, but it's a fresh approach from these guys who've kept going despite the lack of commercial success. I can't see this single changing that, which is a shame, but the fact that they're still going and producing something that little bit different is enough.

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