Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

Since the release of Circa Survive's debut album Juturna, they have proved themselves to be one of the more interesting acts to emerge from the whole 'emo' scene, having toured with the likes of Thrice and Pelican in the past and proven their more adventurous chops. They've also got one of rock's most unique voices working in their favour, frontman Anthony Green having previously been in bands like Saosin and The Sound of Animals Fighting. Blue Sky Noise is the act's first album for major label Atlantic and it's quite an interesting step in the band's progression and one that is likely to gain them a few more fans.

What Circa Survive excel on with this album is their sense of space within each song, each one sounding impeccably produced and constantly evolving as dual guitar melodies weave in and out of Green's almost cartoonish sounding vocals. While that may sound like a criticism, that unique element to his voice makes the album even more endearing. He screams and shouts his way through the brilliantly aggresive 'Get Out', while on 'Through The Desert Alone' it all goes a bit epic as post-rock guitars mix with a soaring chorus.

There's a palpable sense of drama in each of these 12 songs, helped along by the skilled playing of each band member and the character of a frontman they have in Green. These guys have started to walk the some route that Coheed & Cambria have taken, injecting their songs with a touch of story-telling and more imaginative song structures but never losing any of the melody or their pop sensibility. A mightily strong album from one of the leading lights of American alternative rock.



out of 10
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