Ciccone - My Summer Never Comes

The line ‘wake up’ is aptly chosen as the opening to Ciccone’s new single. Their new song is definitely a wake up call: a beautifully clumsy tale of unrequited love, sport and nights down the pub. It reminds us how well indie celebrates the life of an average 20 something loser. The track is innocent, vibrant and most importantly honest. It feels like a summer you should have had.

The b-side track ‘Last Breath,’ is a bit of a disappointment – piano playing that reminds me of lessons at fourteen years old and an insipid refrain that tries to sound earnest but fails. However, the tune is slightly rescued by the female singer lyricizing midway about the completely banal - ‘the cat is fat/ the bills are paid’- with a haunting poignancy.



out of 10
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