Chikinki - You Said

Back in 2004, Chikinki were on Island Records, releasing their debut album Lick Your Ticket. However, as if often the case, things didn't entirely go as planned and now, parted from Island, the band have set up their own label, Urban Cow, and plan to release a new album in the next few months. Before that though, they present this single, available in CD format and also as a limited 7".

It starts with an ugly honking keyboard, leading into an annoying, whining vocal. From this evidence, you can see why Island decided to let them go. It all sounds very old fashioned, bringing to my mind early 90's band "World of Twist", but with none of their inventiveness. The song bounces along, bassline plodding, with a predictable up and down chorus.

Better, but not by much, is the flip side Nasty Side. A snappy hi-hat and hammond struggle to bring this song to life, whilst the electronica does it no favours at all, distracting rather than enhancing things. Its all rather boring to be honest, full of random bleeps that are just a noise.

Nothing really that shows much promise I'm afraid. If you want to check them out live, they are currently touring the UK. For more information, visit their website.



out of 10
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