Chikinki - Ether Radio

Describing the record prior to this as their staying in record and this as the one to accompany getting ready to go out, Chikinki are setting their Lick Your Ticket album onto the same cheap, wine-stained, cigarette-burned stereo as Suede's Coming Up and in that Filmstar, Lazy and Starcrazy gave that album a trashy pop quality that was missing from the brooding Dog Man Star, so there's a feeling that Lick Your Ticket might be as slight as Coming Up was in comparison to its predecessor.

Following up Like It Or Leave It, which was a few minutes of pop/rock with a strong pulse of electronica running through it, Ether Radio offers less swagger but more grit with the brace of keyboards that were over the earlier single now more subdued. This is still a good single but lacks the more immediate impact of Like It Or Leave It.

With a review of the album to follow in the coming fortnight, this is a taster for Lick Your Ticket, showing that it has more punch that the lightweight fizz of Coming Up implying more alcohol, stronger drugs and dirtier sex than Suede's night out.



out of 10
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