Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot: Get Your Buzz On Live

This lavish Blu-Ray/DVD package demonstrates perfectly how Chickenfoot emerged as Classic Rock’s Best New Band of 2009. Satriani has blossomed into the ultimate rock guitarist; less explosive and histrionic than we’ve come to expect, it is clear that the band format has done him the world of good. He’s even chilled enough to drop in some old school blues riffage to ‘Sexy little thing”. Thankfully he’s not a fully reformed fret wizard so prepare for jaws to drop as he flies up and down the neck during ‘Soap on a Rope’.

Hagar is, as ever, the consummate pro frontman and his rhythm section couldn’t come with a better pedigree than Van Halen and the Chili Peppers. This is essentially the classic Van Halen experience brought bang up to data and the key wow factor is that they’re clearly all having a blast doing it. The Chickenfoot studio work has been solid so far but this is where it all comes together and makes perfect sense.

This is a performance which involves the viewer at every opportunity, a rare feat achieved by a phalanx of cameras which are positioned so as to capture every last detail of the action while also dropping the viewer right into the heart of the crowd at regular intervals. It may be HD but there’s nothing clinical about the experience – crack open some patchouli and you could almost be there with them. As far as the theatricals are concerned, this is all very much stripped back to the bare bones of rock n roll so there’s nothing more than a few pretty lights to detract from the main event happening on the stage. The set, for a band with just the one album, is fairly predictable but climaxes with a cover of ‘Bad Motor Scooter’ from Hagar’s first band Montrose followed by a storming rendition of My Generation. Classic Rock indeed.

So, awesome DTS sound and HD visuals at a bargain price, it almost begs the question why we bother to go to the shows – almost, but not quite. Still, what the discs can offer which the live experience cannot is a wealth of extras such as a sixty minute documentary, photo gallery and obligatory Spinal Tap moments.

Chickenfoot: Get Your Buzz On “Live” is released on DVD & Blu-ray in the USA by EMI America (April 20), and in the UK by Eagle Rock Entertainment (April 26). Further info: Http://



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