Ch3vy - Hard Massage

If you're going to sound like someone, you might as well sound like a master. Hard Massage begins softly with moody jazz piano, some sort of indiscernible wailing and funky bass. Before you can say "Josh Davis", breaks and scratching are added to the mix.

That's right - it's all a bit DJ Shadow. However, to be fair, Ch3vy go for more of a live feel. Much of what you hear is played by the pair, Simon Ham and Matt Juckes, rather than sampled, and the drums are worked in in a more subtle manner. It's the kind of music that puts you in mind of some secret, smoky club (wide of girth bouncer on the door to turn away the uncool), where everyone's permanently chilled.

Praize The Nord is - again - reminiscent of Shadow, this time in playful, sketchy mode, as it jumps from random horns to bizarre marching rhythms to snatches of hip-hop vocal.

One smooth track, one rough track; fans of beats and slick, nocturnal sounds alike will want to tune in.



out of 10
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