Castrovalva - We Are A Unit

Schizophrenic is the only way to describe the 30 minutes of music which Castrovalva are releasing as their latest album, We Are A Unit. This record bounces off the walls, but that’s exactly why it works. The trio, who have recently added Leemun Smith on vocals, have created a heavy and quite frankly bizarre collection of songs which just make you want to run about the room in a fit of fun-induced hysteria.

We are a Unit recalls some of the bat-shit craziness that Mike Patton is renowned for, with tracks like ‘Thuglife’ sounding like a bass-driven fit that’s been attacked with a battery of weird and wonderful sounds, and a vocalist with a penchant for robotic sounding vocoders. Despite the description, there’s still always something grounding the songs in the sort of head-banging, groove heavy rock which bands like The Melvins specialise in. But then the album throws up something like ‘Hooliganz R Us’, with its hypnotic saxophone, and gang-vocals warning you that they’re going to ‘tear down your greenhouse’, and expressing their love for ‘pogs’. Leemun Smith's vocals are a brilliant contrast to all the brutality on show, his high pitched wail making tracks like 'Outlaws' and 'Bison Scissor Kick' sound surprisingly accesible, yet still positively insane.

Coming in at just about 28 minutes this is a short record, but once the whole things done it feels like you’ve just had a full-body workout courtesy a cheerleading team of kids ramped up on too many E-numbers. Get yr sweat on!



out of 10
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