Caroline Rose - LONER

If you're expecting the standard follow up to Caroline Rose's 2014 debut (i.e. more of the same) then you're not going to find what you expect. What you'll hear is a boundary-pushing, sonic assault that melds genres and styles into one succinct album. What LONER does keep from I Will Not Be Afraid is its cleverness, the way it toys a little with its subject through the lyrics. Her new sound and sense of purpose comes from a couple of years of being "a member of the modern world", outside of the musician's bubble; and, basically, being unhappy with the sound of her debut.

Opener 'More Of The Same’ is just the first twist the New York-based singer-songwriter delivers, its jagged electric organ rhythm pulsing through the songs four minutes. Moving through the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin punk-rockabilly burst of 'Money', the slowed-down slinky keys of accidental pregnancy story 'Jeannie Becomes A Mom', the feelgood rock-popper 'Soul No. 5', and the attitude-heavy 'Animal'. Then there are the songs about being lonely ('Getting To Me') and death ('To Die Today').

Best track though? 'Bikini'. 

LONER is some album, unexpected in most ways and leaning on the same wit and even more wisdom than her debut, it's utterly brilliant throughout.


A blistering and unexpected follow-up from a vibrant talent.



out of 10

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