Captain Polaroid - Other short stories and better works of fiction

The word Lo-fi used to conjure up images of cassette portastudios, cheap fx pedals, amiga computers and strangely haired resolutely single young men hammering down their frantic and lonely musical missions as if their life depended on it...

Nowadays, I guess the guys look much the same, but instead they make their craft on distressed Mac laptops, bootleged software, maybe the odd effects pedal and some kind of double clever soundcard..

Well, frankly, I couldn't care less which of these cliches (or none) fit with Captain Polaroid, because his LP 'Other short stories and better works of fiction' is a good enough one that I don't need to talk cliched shit to help me finish this review..

So what is good about 'Other short stroies and better works of fiction'?

Well, I guess if i were to have a checklist as to what makes a good LP, the word POWER would have to be up there near the top.

By power I mean a record has to have a certain authourity.

Yes boss, an album can be full of the most amateurish lyrics or chords (this one isn't), but it if has that swagger and blast of importance it'll go far: It'll grab balls and get fists pumping, and make people feel like they're washing their godawful jobs out of their hair of a Friday or Saturday night, and this is what we all need..

'Other short stroies and better works of fiction' has this power from the first track onwards.

'Dust Will settle on the Lifeless Town' smashes down the door and says 'Oi mother! This is rock! Can you hear it and do you love it??' in all but words, and this statement continues throughout the LP even during the quieter more reflective moments like 'Just Like You'

If I'm being honest, this force and drive suprised me, because from the lo fi cdr promo copy i was expecting some thin whiney one man and a guitar singing songs of broken love and 8Ace...

But no, this album has definite energy and class. There's a lot of playful and accessible distortion, there's super drive and a vocal delivery that's both tuneful and clever..

The lyrics drift between personal observation and personal observation of the world and all sit well amidst the decent tunes..

Taken allround the whole package reminds me of Dykehouses fabulously underknown and underrated 'Midrange' LP. There's the same sonic haridryer force and the same euphoric and human energy and this is what us big kids need to help us get through a day!!

So, I'd highly recomend you get yourself along to Mr Polaroids myspace

and try out some tracks.

Or better still, go straight onto the BUY NOW link and get your paws around a copy of this LP right away...



out of 10

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