Bryan Adams - Open Road

It's easy to make fun of the quarter decade of music made by the self-styled 'groover from Vancouver' Bryan Adams. He's not been fashionable since Everything I Do became a phenomenon, he teamed up with shouty spice and even his nickname sounds out of date. What people forget is that at one point he used to write decent rock songs, like "Cuts Like A Knife", "Summer Of '69" and "Run To You". It's to the latter that he returns with "Open Road", the first single from his new album, "Room Service". Whether this will suit you depends on two things - whether you think Run To You is still relevant (as it is remarkably similar to the new song) and whether you can stand three and a half minutes of a rock star talking about life on the road without pondering whether something slightly less self indulgent might have been more interesting. This is Bryan Adams churning out a Bryan Adams song, no more, no less. He's capable of more.



out of 10
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