Brent Cobb - Providence Canyon

After spending years writing for the likes of Nashville superstars Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, and Little Big Town it was only right that Brent Cobb's 2016 debut was an understated masterpiece. Consisting of songs he'd kept for himself Shine On Rainy Day was slacker country at its finest. On Providence Canyon Cobb has grown in confidence, and matured as an artist, pushing out of his original wheelhouse into something bigger and more exciting.

From the opening lick of steel guitar you know there's something special brewing over the coming eleven tracks. Cobb's way with lyrics, relatable and descriptive, is fascinating to listen to and his vivid depiction of the eponymous canyon is classic. But it's a slow start, a progression from Shine On Rainy Day, the slinky groove and keys of 'King Of Alabama' introduces a different side to the Georgian. The fun keeps coming on 'Mornin's Gonna Come', going on all like a Miranda Lambert track, and 'Sucker For a Good Time' beating you into submission with its raring steel guitar licks.

Cobb's ability to mix thoughtful with good time tunes is the outstanding feature, 'Come Home Soon' is almost pleading, '.30-06' riffs on affairs and guns, and 'Lorene' is as gentle as a dandelion. Swinging from gospel keyboards to acoustic guitar, by way of steel and electric guitar, Providence Canyon is underpinned throughout by Cobb's distinctive voice and meticulously constructed songs. In popular language, this one's full of bangers.


Country soul. Country blues. Country rock. It's all Brent Cobb. And bloody brilliant.



out of 10

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