Brent Cobb - Keep 'Em On They Toes

Brent Cobb - <i>Keep 'Em On They Toes</i>

Let's get it out early. Brent Cobb is the king of down-home, slacker-country. And that's meant in the best way. He's like the Georgia version of Mac DeMarco but without all that college frat boy nonsense. Keep 'Em On They Toes is a continuation of the manifesto that Cobb set out on his previous two records, but shifts down a gear to slow his roll. Case in point are 'Good Times And Good Love' and 'Sometimes I'm A Clown', two tracks early on that are thoughtful in their lyrics and relaxed in their sound.

Songs like 'Sopabox' bring a little honky tonk to proceeding; at half pace of course. But all this talk of laid-back sound, and half paced music shouldn't be taken as a slight, it's the very think that makes a Brent Cobb record something unique and beautiful. The storytelling and refusal to rush things gives each songs its own space and only enhances the authenticity of Cobb's lyrical themes and song writing style. Basically he's got fans for life ad TDF. Keep on keepin' on Brent; just at your own pace.


Easy listening with fiddle, slide guitar and a Georgian twang.


out of 10

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