Breakfast Muff - Eurgh!

Since their formation in 2014, it seems that Glasgow’s Breakfast Muff have been dragging their feet more and more when it comes to the length of their recording process. Their first album The Feels was recorded in two days, their second Rainbow Yawn in three, their third and latest release Eurgh!? A whopping four days. Much like their previous releases, the rough and ready live approach to recording sees the group tackling issues like sexuality, feminism, and relationships while veering from the softer Pastels-esque fuzzy ballads to the dirty staccato agit-pop, all with a smile on their faces.

The DIY pop punk trio switch between guitars, drums and vocals throughout the record, expanding their sound and creating a more cohesive album than their previous releases. They manage to keep the taut and spiky sound that threatens to careen off the road from their first releases but Eurgh! feels more anchored. The standout track is the anger fuelled ‘R U A Feminist’ tackling emotionally and physically damaging relationships with the song’s protagonist spitting fury at a former/current partner - “You’re a feminist until I won’t fuck you/You’re a feminist until I talk to other guys”. Other highlights include the thrash along ‘Lunch Money’ and it’s 49 second look at bullying, the jittery and woozy ‘Birthday Party’, the rallying shout of ‘Baby Boomers’ calling out the unrealistic expectations of youth by the older generations, and the 60s Shangri-La/surf pop look at sexuality ‘I Like To’.

Done and dusted in a brisk 25 minutes over 12 songs, Eurgh! veers from screams of passion to fury on the flip of a coin but doesn’t feel hackneyed or over-blown. Whether it it is joy or anger, Breakfast Muff sound genuine and their songs are their cathartic response but they sound like they are having a fucking great time doing it.


8/10 - 25 minutes of elation and ferocity, often in the same song.


out of 10

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