Breakestra - From Dusk 'Til Dawn

It was a love of late '80s and early '90s hip hop that inspired "Music Man" Miles Tackett to form the L.A. ever-changing collective, Breakestra. Essentially, he wanted to create the sort of music (funk and soul) that was being sampled by these artists.

Certainly an air of authenticity hangs over From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, the follow up to 2005 debut album Hit The Floor. The beats are real and funky. It feels far less polished, far less removed from the real thing than, say, Mark Ronson’s productions. Check out the dirty fuzz guitar on 'Show You The Way' (shades of Beck’s 'Devil’s Haircut') or the wah-wah of 'Me & Michelle'. Just three tracks in - thanks to 'Dark Clouds Rain Soul' and 'Come On Over' - you will already have been reminded respectively of James Brown and Motown. There’s attention to detail, subtlety here; more to Tackett’s musical palette than blaring horns.

So why does From Dusk ‘Til Dawn stop short of eliciting a yes, yes, yes? I can't decide whether there are no real standout tracks or whether they have been swamped as a result of the decision to pretty much pack out a whole CD. Perhaps if the old skool ethic had extended to turning in a punchy 45 minute record, it would all feel a bit less of a trudge come the end.



out of 10
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