Brandy - The Best Of Brandy

Brandy doesn’t record much going by the fact that she has only released four albums within the last ten years or so of her music career. What she does do is make every trip into the recording studio count, having not made one single bad record in that time. This compilation collects most of Brandy’s charting singles with one or two surprises such as her cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ and a remix of ‘I Wanna Be Down’ that features Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo-Yo where her contribution to the track is only minor. The production on most of the tracks contained on this compilation is exemplary from the slick r&b production of Rodney Jerkins to the southern fried hip-hop beats of Timbaland, who is now her current collaborator.

Who knows if Brandy can drive a tractor or chop down trees well while working for the man but she and her collaborating producers certainly know how to write a good tune or two. The compilation has one immaculately produced track after the other, except for the abhorrent cover of Phil Collins ‘Another Day In Paradise’. The possible re–emergence of Phil Collins as a musical force is not a welcome one. Fingers crossed.

The cannibalistic nature of these compilations only serves for a few purposes: To re-invigorate public interest in the artists’ back catalogue, a quick cash-in by a record label when an artist is leaving for another label yet has one album left in their recording contract, or to rejuvenate a forgotten artists’ career faster than you can say Leo Sayer.

Brandy’s career seems to be spearheaded in a more hip-hop like direction with Timbaland taking on inspired production duties on her latest album ‘Afrodisiac’. Its namesake is also one of the strongest tracks on this compilation, being a track full of syncopated African rhythms and intricately layered vocal tracks.

This compilation is a fine retrospective of Brandy's recording career to date, containing some sublime r&b songs and not much filler which any fan or would-be fan would be pleased to have in their collection.



out of 10
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