Boy Crisis - Tulipomania

October. Normally the month to amble about in the park wearing a trench coat, kicking leaves and feeding the ducks. Not so in the world of Boy Crisis. Their debut album Tulipomania encourages us to strip off, jump in the pond, paint the ducks day-glo and lather in their synth-heavy-suds.

Hailing from Wesleyan University, the breeding ground for other acts such as Amazing Baby and MGMT, Boy Crisis bring more of the electro funk vibe to the party. They are pure and simple unpretentious pop gibberish - in the best possible way. Lyrics flip effortlessly between the extraordinary and the mundane, their beats are funky and their bass-lines will tease even the most reluctant feet into action.

‘Dressed To Digress’ and ‘The Fountain of Youth’ are quite simply symphonies of sex, giving the impression that wherever these boys go it’s clearly a twenty-four party. They love the ladies and, if their lyrics are anything to go by, the ladies love them too. ‘1981’ is like a finger inviting you into the boudoir, channeling the essence of Prince. Echoed male vocals entwine with sultry cyborg female tones, deft fingers slide down the fretboard. Easy - like slipping off a silk komono.

The album is littered with so many potential candidates for your sex mix-tapes it’s untrue and you may require a cold shower after repeated plays. Go and find your significant other (or others if you are feeling adventurous) and let Boy Crisis work their love magic.



out of 10
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