Born Ruffians - Red Yellow & Blue

So there are three primary colours, right? And the primary elements of indie are guitar, bass and drums, OK? It is what it is. But think about it. If you mix blue and red you get purple, yellow and blue you get green, if you throw all three together you probably get a nasty sludgy brown. It's just that a lot of bands don't want to get down and dirty like that, they'd rather paint pleasant but dull pictures of a red and yellow ball thrown into a clear blue sky. They want to play it simple. Born Ruffians don't roll that way. They're gonna enjoy playing with your expectations, they want to throw together images that make you think and act a little bit differently after you've been exposed to them. They don't entirely succeed but they make a damn good fist of it.

The title track's a campfire singalong with Avey Tare. Little Garcon is so insufferably cute it should be on one of those god-awful Orange adverts. It isn't, but one of the others is. And hey, Foxes Mate For Life, did you know that? And they sound a little bit like Foals slowed down to a crawl and fronted by that guy from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Kurt Vonnegut's here, in the form of a ramshackle something with no sense of direction - it's pretty much impossible to decide what's chorus and what's verse and what even came first. You get the feeling Kilgore Trout would approve. The Kids From Skins are dancing to Hummingbird, they told me to tell you it comes across like Vampire Weekend on amphetamines. I said OK 'cos these guys know their stuff.

The template's recognisable but the Ruffians aren't scared to colour over the lines. They don't mind mixing things up a little and that's admirable. They're sweet, upbeat and they like cowboys. I have no idea what a Badonkadonkey is, but I think I like it. I like this record too.



out of 10
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