Born Of Osiris – The Simulation

There’s a fine line between sticking close to a formula and one in which an artist takes a chance and takes a hand to the gear stick and make an abrupt left turn into territory that is yet to be explored. Hailing from Illinois, USA Born of Osiris did just that across previous albums Tomorrow We Die Alive and Soul Sphere with its shifts between deathcore to metalcore and for good or bad it put fans into two camps, ones who ‘got it’ and the other who turned their backs on it and hightailed it for the hills .

After rejuvenating themselves with a re-record of debut EP The New Reign the death metal vibe gets reinjected across tracks like ‘Disconnectome’ or album closer ‘One Without The Other’. The return to their core sounds is likely to surprise latter day fans and bring back the deathcore fans of old. The return to their deathcore influences is a welcome reminder of where the band began but The Simulation dares to leap forward with its mix of deathcore, metalcore and electronica. Yes, electronica, you read that right. Some might say the melodies found within songs like  ‘Under The Gun’ sound like something Avicii or whichever EDM DJ has the latest summer hit but somehow it works…just.

The album as a whole is over before it begins, at a short and sharp 26 minutes the album knows not to hang around. It veers to just on the right side of hanging around just before its landscape becomes well worn but for a band that have been together for 15 years (give or take a few name changes) its good to see the band heading towards something akin to regaining their glory.


Updated: Jan 14, 2019

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