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Booka Shade (German duo, Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger) may be the coolest people on the planet to have a link with Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' although one suspects there's not a lot of competition. As Perky Park, they remixed what can only be described as one of the worst songs ever. Still, any musical sins they committed in the past (and, by all accounts, there were many more) were redeemmed in the mid 00s with such classic club tracks as 'Mandarine Girl', 'Body Language' and 'In White Rooms'.

More! is their fourth LP and kicks off with 'Havanna Sex Dwarf', an ear worm which will annoy and delight in equal measure. With its gratuitous bleeps, nonsense robo-vocal and apparent nod to hooligan house, it's not unlike a cross between Audio Bullys and Simian Mobile Disco. After which, in 'Donut (interpretation)', we return to more familiar Booka Shade territory. In fact, despite the assertion that they banned any sounds they'd used previously, 'More!' sounds exactly like Booka Shade (although I'll admit defeat in trying to detail exactly what that Booka Shade feel is, bar that it includes DNA from electro-house, trance and minimal), even if they do branch out into new territory.

This time round there are a couple of collaborations. 'Divine' features Yello's Dieter Meier, apparently pretending he's an alien. 'Bad Love' is, amazingly, their first big vocal house track and features the vocals of Chelonis R Jones (who some will know from Royksopp's '49 Percent'). While in no way revolutionary, it should set dancefloors alight over the summer. More!'s highlights, however, are 'Regenerate', which successfully revives such familar 90s dance elements as the ragga rhythm and ethnic vocal, and 'Scaramanaga', a house track with gorgeous deep production.

If More! lacks anything to rival their classic tunes listed above, it's certainly an improvement on their previous messily protracted LP, The Sun and The Neon Light. It's their most consistent album yet and an easy choice for any dance fan's MP3 player over the summer.



out of 10
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