Bloom De Wilde - Soul Siren

Bloom De Wilde - <i>Soul Siren</i>

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, at least in the case of Bloom De Wilde who you might already have heard of under the name of Bloem De Ligny or providing vocals for Sam and The Womp.

This time, Bloom is stepping out on her own with her first solo album, Kaleidophone, aptly titled for someone so well versed in visual arts. The record, however, is still currently in the works with only the debut single ‘Soul Siren’ released so far.

She refers to the video as ‘a surrealist magical breakfast with the Universe’ and she’s not wrong. Having made it herself, it’s full of DIY charm and cute stop-motion scenes. It’s the craftiest video you’ll see this year that’s not actually a tutorial.

Bloom De Wilde has an eventful breakfast

With a voice that’s more than just a little reminiscent of Bjork, Bloom uses a plethora of instruments that include harmonium, African Kora and samples of cats and household items. The track has a beautiful summery sound with tinkling strings, cheerful brass and lyrics that talk of an exciting future ‘We could do all the things that we never dared and more.’

If this single is a sign of things to come for Bloom De Wilde then her full album promises to be something special. Keep your eyes peeled for Kaleidophone later this year.


A sign of great things for Bloom De Wilde


out of 10

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