Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer Of The Void

Can I just say right off that the fact that Blitzen Trapper hails from my home town of Portland Oregon has no way influenced my review. What can I do if my state manages to produce top bands that rival anything from those other music hotspots? Even when the rest of the world isn't looking, focusing its attention instead on that other Pacific Northwest city, the sovereign state of Oregon lets its creative juices flow like the mighty Willamette River into the souls of her people. Musically it seems Oregon can do no wrong, giving us such classic bands as The Dharma Bums, The Obituaries and more recently The Dandy Warhols, The Decemberists and Hockey. Maybe it's the relentless rain driving people indoors that fuels Oregon's creative intensity, I don't know, but we must be doing something right.

Destroyer OF The Void is glorious. Encompassing aspects of traditional American folk, Psychedlia and 70's countryfied pop the band have crafted 12 stunning songs that you will want to have on constant repeat as you will not be able to get enough of them. Starting off with the wonderfully epic title track the album rolls along like a rollicking river. 'Destroyer Of The Void' starts off with Fleet Foxes vocal harmonies and then meanders in to psychedelic folk with singer Eric Early's jaunty vocals easing it along. 'Laughing Lover' is pure pop glory and 'Below The Hurricane' is simply beautiful, with its sad acoustic guitars and Eearly's mournful voice.

Blitzen Trapper wear their musical influences on their sleeves without losing themselves in it. Despite the musical journeys the songs take they always head back home to great wide expanse of their native Oregon. 'The Man Who Would Speak True' is a wonderful cross between those scary blues morality tales and Dylan-esque folk, its ghostly harmonica blasts sounding like a passing train: "And if you learn on thing from me / you better guard your tongue like your enemy" and 'Dragon's Song' has aspects of trippy 60's psychedelia but with an added gloss of the laid-back Pacific Northwest sound that characterizes their music. 'The Tree', featuring Oregon transplant folk artist Alela Diane, has a strong CS&Y influence and 'Lover Leave me Drowning' takes a turn at 80's prog rock.

Destroyer Of The Void is a wonderful journey into the imaginative mind of vocalist and songwriter Eric Early as he weaves a spell with his storytelling songs and lush arrangements. Already gaining considerable critical acclaim and a strong cult following in the States, this, their fifth full-length album, is sure to get them noticed everywhere else as well. This album is a must for any music lover's collection. So turn it up, it definitely fills the void.



out of 10

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