Bleeding Heart Narrative - Tongue Tangled Hair

Bleeding Heart Narrative’s second album seems to have been influenced by Sigur Rós and not in a subtle way. Opening track, 'At The End Of It All', builds slowly over organ and sounds both rustic and religious while filling you with a warm inner glow. If a Jónsi vocal suddenly pierced the bubble, you wouldn’t be at all surprised, although you could almost swear there's some human howl buried deep in the mix. 'Henry Box Brown' then begins with unintelligible looped vocals and a rhythm seemingly beaten out with sticks, before the wall of sound that will remind you of a certain Icelandic band rumbles in. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, at least for those not keen on over-indulgence, Tongue Tangled Hair plays out as more ( ) than Ágætis byrjun. It should also be noted that the vocals are more likely to be attributed to an earthbound monk than a Heavenly angel. One can certainly appreciate the experimental nature of this record and the range of noises employed in its nods to electronica, classical and shoegazing, but the production is often rather too murky to support such ambition. Towards the end, 'A Dialogue' throws you with a cheerier air reminiscent of The Beta Band (even disintegrating into chaotic clatter and party whistles), but as much as Tongue Tangled Hair initially intrigues, I expect many a listener will have lost both patience and interest by then.



out of 10
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