Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures

Emerging from the garage rock revival spearheaded by The White Stripes in the early 00's, American group Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (or BRMC) have returned after a five-year recording hiatus with their eighth album Wrong Creatures.

Back in the early years of garage rock BRMC howled "Whatever happened to my rock'n'roll?" on their debut album B.R.M.C. Sung with the grimace and growl the genre deserved, it made music snobs sit up and take notice, ready for the genres upcoming revival, months before bigger, and dare I say it, better bands came onto the scene in the form of Kings Of Leon and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

On their latest, BRMC set out their stall and vision early, the woozy, uncluttered opening track 'DFF' cements the tone of the ensuing 12 tracks before the widescreen vistas of 'Ninth Configuration' comes across like the bastard child of David Bowie and Echo And The Bunnymen. With age comes a lack of pace, the majority of tracks here in the mid-range giving the album a sinister dark edge, coming along at a creep rather than a full-on assault. There is a sense that the package as a whole needs a little more bark and bite, but a band this far into their career, nearing twenty years at this point, can easily answer the questions put to them. Whatever happened to my rock'n'roll? Wel, it's right here, right now and in (still) good health.


After nearly 20 years Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are still looking for the answer to what happened to their rock n' roll. They may just have found it.


out of 10

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