Betty Curse - Excuse All The Blood

Spearheading the Goth revival, 19 year old Betty Curse bursts onto the scene providing a pretty, acceptable face to death and horror. Her real name is Megan Burns, and you may already have seen her, aged 14, in the film 28 Days Later. This is her debut single, since being snapped up by rock svengali Steve Ludwin, with whom she has written an album worth of songs. Joining them is Eugene Kelly (Vaselines, Eugenius), The Crimea’s Davey McManus and 80s Matchbox’s Andy Huxley on guitar. She says her inspiration comes from Nick Cave, The Cure, The Cramps, 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Vivienne Westwood, Edgar Allan Poe and 50’s poster girl Betty Paige.

This is her debut single, Excuse All The Blood taking its name from a real-life suicide note written by Dead, from the metal band Mayhem. And its pretty good, a solid, Nirvana styled piece of rock and grunge, with a fantastic, rather unsettling chorus - "excuse all the blood - we're just having fun".

Despite her age, there is no trace of Avril Lavigne here - you can sense though that older hands have guided this record, but its a fine track and you can be sure that we'll be hearing a lot more of Betty Curse in 2006. There are some cracking tracks to come, particularly God This Hurts, and Stay Out Of My Way, which can be listened to on her MySpace page.

A review of Betty Curse live, with some pretty fine photos by Lorne Thomson, can be seen here.



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