Beth Orton - The Other Side Of Daybreak

The Other Side Of Daybreak is the first of two Beth Orton compilation albums to be released in the latter half of 2003 (the other being the forthcoming double CD set, 'Pass In Time') and collects B-Sides and rarities from Beth's most recent record.

Of the tracks on here, only three were previously unavailable on CD - the alternate version of "Ooh Child" (originally on a charity compilation), the JPG Dub of "Thinking About Tomorrow" and the acoustic version of "Concrete Sky" (it is worth noting that there was a live version of this track released but it is taken from a different show)

The problem this compilation has is deciding who it is aimed at. In the US, where it was released, it makes perfect sense as an alternative to expensive import singles. Most UK fans will already have these tracks, the disjointed sequencing makes it hard to listen to as a complete record, and non-fans are unlikely to be enticed to try this in preference to her main albums.

For the most part, the music on here is decent - particularly noteworthy are the acoustic Concrete Sky and alternate version of Ooh Child, but some of the remixes are tedious at best - who thought 11 minutes of remixed Carmella in the middle of the album was a good idea? The B-sides were left off the main album for a good reason, with Beautiful Life descending into meaningless mumbles in places.

Looking at the forthcoming 'Pass In Time' two-disc tracklist, full of rarities, for virtually the same money, it's almost impossible to recommend The Other Side Of Daybreak to anyone but the most die-hard of fans.



out of 10
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