Best Coast - Crazy For You

While the British summer doesn't quite know what to do with itself, be grateful that Best Coast and Beth Cosentino have delivered 30 minutes of bottled Californian sunshine and breeze, an unpretentious fuzzed up pop gem that undoubtedly justifies the online goodwill/hype (delete as you feel fit) they've drawn since the release of their debut single last year.

True, Crazy For You only has two gears - skip-down-the-boardwalk chirpy and sittin'-on-the-dock-of-the-bay wistful - and the whole album is drenched in just enough reverb to place it among any number of young American indie bands (The Drums, Wavves, Vivian Girls, etc.) but that doesn't detract from Cosentino and cohort Bobb Bruno's apparently innate ability to knock out timeless tunes when others are often content to evoke atmosphere rather than anything approaching the definition of catchy.

In best girl pop fashion, pretty much every song is about the opposite sex, although there are cameo appearances from cats, parents and even catatonia: "I can’t get myself off the couch / I don’t wanna talk to anyone else" on 'Goodbye', the thumping Bobby Gillespie drums belying the stoned-to-the-point-of-horizontal lyrics. What really motivates Cosentino however, is being lovestruck. Hers is a world where the boys are either distant and unattainable ('Boyfriend') or plain mean ("When you leave / You take all my money / You take all my weed" - 'Our Deal') and while some may look for something more sophisticated in their pop, if such sentiments were alright for The Crystals and the brothers Ramone, let's say they still make for perfect genre fare even in 2010.

File alongside this year's albums from The School and Lucky Soul and it's shaping up to be a good year for classic, albeit retro-tinged femme pop. No need for them all to be California girls, but this one is and she's definitely brought the sunshine with her.



out of 10
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