Bent - Intercept!

“What would you do if you knew you only had three days to live? Where would you go? Who would you see? And what would your last wish be?” So begins the fourth album from Bent, launching into the blissful, spacey dance number, Exercise 7. If the implication is you and some mates might neck a load of MDMA while listening to this, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea. Breakfast At 80,000 Ft is similarly styled, and fluffier still - music which invites one to leave their troubles at the door.

Otherwise Intercept! is largely song-based. The likes of To Be Loved and Stay Out All Night should sit well with fans of Hot Chip and Royksopp. Towards the end, the record takes an interesting turn into guilty pleasures type territory. Leavin’ Me and After All The Love would appear to be either based on old songs or outright covers. (Both sure seem familiar, though this reviewer can't quite place them.) The former couldn’t be more disco if dipped in glitter and wearing a feather boa.

With so many disappointing releases from big players this year, Intercept! - by a band one may have thought consigned to chill out compilations - is a very welcome surprise. While never feeling forced, it taps into a number of current vogues. Maybe Bent's time is now.



out of 10
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