Ben TD - Tiny Movements

On my second listen to this enchanting album I realise that, during Yes I am a Skyscraper’s Window that I am inadvertently monitoring my own breathing as my whole being relaxes into this warmly welcoming album. Tiny Movements is an apt title for an album that creeps up on the listener, gradually edging under the skin until you realise it has taken over. A notable achievement for Mr TD as I am no great lover of singer songwriters and would probably cross a busy road to avoid many of the current crop.

The lad has talent and is blessed with a crystalline voice which ranges from a Chris Martin yodel right down to the must understated of whispered deliveries. The commercial potential of this record, which is a perfect balance of light and shade, appears to be immense and it will be interesting to see what the public appetite for another bloke with an acoustic guitar is in 2009. Books and Boats will surely be the one to take him into the major league, an anthemic, piano driven number which equals anything from the early days of Coldplay without resorting to any of Martin’s penchant for bombast.

I am sold on this record and I highly recommend that you give Ben TD a listen and judge for yourselves.



out of 10
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