Bell XI - Eve, The Apple Of My Eye

Irish, used to have Damian Rice as a member and playing support to easy is it to jump to a conclusion of Bell XI being one more band of sorta good looking boys playing wistful folk rock whilst wringing their hands over their memories of relationships gone wrong.

Actually, that would only be a little of the story for although the music to Eve, The Apple Of My Eye is much as you would expect, the song has a twisting, biblical lyric that, with its influence of the serpent on Eve and the singer of the song, is more Dylan than the sixth-from rock of Keane.

However, if Eve, The Apple Of My Eye is a good, if not great, lead song, the B-sides are much better. Ten Paces takes its cue from the lyric of the A-side and matches Nick Cave for Old Testament fire and damnation. With a twanging guitar and a moody rock sound, this is a great song and unlike anything offered by an Irish band before now.

It's left to a cover of Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You to bring the sound of Giant Sand into the mainstream and from whatever deserted part of the world Howe Gelb is living in - it's not before time.

Whilst Eve, The Apple Of My Eye is really nothing special, Ten Paces and Like I Love You are really quite wonderful so maybe these Irish boys ought to give their alt-country more of a chance before tailing the public schoolboy set into the dying minutes of a busy scene.



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