Basement Revolver - Heavy Eyes

Sneaking onto the scene back in 2016, Basement Revolver emerged with their debut single ‘Johnny’. Two years later and Heavy Eyes is the first full-length album from the trio. 

The easiest thing to do would be to compare frontwoman Chrisy Hurn’s vocals to those of Alvvays’ Molly Rankin. The two are strikingly similar, it really shines through on album opener ‘Baby’ and ‘Johnny’, maybe there’s something in the air in Ontario, where both bands originate. Beyond this, however, the two take different paths, with Basement Revolver going for a heavier, and quite aptly, sleepier, sound.

The raw, yet slow paced guitars give this a 90s indie feel. Delving into Hurn’s own experiences, the lyrics are relatable yet incredibly personal. The songs talk of seeking adventure, struggling with self-confidence, and finding forgiveness. They’re not wild new frontiers, but they don’t need to be. A highlight comes in the form of ‘Knocking’, the album's midpoint. The normally heavy guitars take a backseat to shine a light on Hurn’s incredible vocals as she talks of a letter she wrote for her parents: “I see my lord, says he forgives me, he’s knocking at my door”.

The album closes with ‘Diamonds’, a track that builds up slowly, adding sound in layers until it hits a peak of guitar fuzz and then it just ends. Suddenly.

The Canadian band already have a distinct sound and a bunch of potential. Heavy Eyes really shows what they're capable of and yet it's only their debut. Expect to see more of this band in the future.


Open your heavy eyes, this is a gem.


out of 10

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