Baddies - Do The Job

Hurtling out of many bands-to-watch-in-2009 lists are Baddies, a band with the outward perception of having had very little marketing effort yet are embraced by fans and critics alike. But are they any good?

The obvious frame of reference is The Futureheads, with their high energy, angular pop-rock compositions and harmonic vocals - with a sprinkling of The Hives and Minutemen in there too. They are lucky to have enough good voices in the group to carry harmonies and their musicianship and timing is well honed; as a unit they are fit and ready for action. I’m just not sure what newness they bring to the table.

The material is fairly similar in its roots right across the album and as each track starts you get the feeling you’ve heard it all before. In places they sound like they are trying to impersonate other bands: ‘At The Party’ could well be the White Lies and ‘Pisces’ manages a pretty good Arctic Monkeys impression.

I’m left wondering who Baddies actually are. It’s not a dreadful record; I just think I own all the songs already in better forms. This could easily be labeled as “Indie Hits Of The Noughties - For Elevators” - diluted versions of successful hits. It’s a case of trying very hard to sound like an indie band as opposed to writing from the heart. There is nothing wrong with being heavily influenced by other artists but in this case it hasn’t been allowed to simply filter into the work. It’s a poor facsimile, an emulation resulting in what is essentially an indie tribute band. I guess if you are on a tight budget and therefore unable to the invest in the originals this might be your cup of tea.

Despite also having the worst album cover I have seen all year, Do The Job is likely to be a massive success at student discos and with a release date timed for the return to the hallowed halls of learning across the length and breadth of the country, you've just got to wonder if they'll ever be anyone’s favourite new band.



out of 10
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