Avi Buffalo

You turn your back for five minutes and what happens? Someone jumps in your spot before you've even had time to blink. The Shins' James Mercer starts body popping with Danger Mouse as Broken Bells and what do you know - a challenger to the jangly twee throne sneaks in through the back door.

Avi Buffalo (named after 19 year old original member Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg) are one of the Sub Pop's latest signings and seem intent on sound tracking the summer. The problem is as each track starts déjà vu kicks in - the album is littered with "I'm sure I've heard this before" moments. Sure, it's pleasant enough but if you own records by Sparklehorse or The Shins you already have tracks far superior to these - making investment here seem almost pointless.

No doubt a sappy film will come along and in which a geeky protagonist miraculously woos the fittest girl in the whole school whilst dressed as Boba Fett as Avi Buffalo twinkle away in the background. This in turn will lead to mammoth sales, a range of lunchboxes and another generation of kids pestering cheerleaders blissfully deluded that their intimate knowledge of Deep Space 9 is far from endearing.

It's a competent body of work, and it isn't an unpleasant listen, but be sure that Avi Buffalo won't change your world - you can steak your life on it. Ah, I see you've already brought my coat!



out of 10
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