Auf Der Maur - Real A Lie

Much better out of Hole than in and better to be far removed from the freak-show of Courtney Love's life than to still be within range, if only to avoid having to flatter what must be, by this time, a fragile ego, Melissa Auf der Maur releases this single in the wake of Followed The Waves and her debut album, Auf der Maur, continuing a run of great songs that should shame her former bandmate into finally giving up the career in music.

Real A Lie, as Raphael Pour-Hashemi noted in his review of Auf der Maur, is built around a strong chorus with guitars that echo around Auf der Maur's swirling vocal. But that's to miss the sweetly, sexy, in-love feel of the song with Auf der Maur's vocal nailing the wide-eyed feelings one gets when falling for another. As pop, it's a powerful song and whilst it's a little soft for full-on rock, I'm guessing that live, this is one of Auf der Maur's standout tracks.

Compared to the album track, the radio edit loses much of the delicate coda of the original as well as sounding tighter than the loose, worn charm of the original. Were there justice, this would be a hit but so long as Ronan Keating still lives and breathes, justice is something that we'll have to get by without.



out of 10
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