Aubrie Sellers – Far From Home

To cut right to the chase… Far From Home is excellent. Aubrie Sellers has produced something really special with her second album. It’s been four long years since her debut album was well received by the country music community but it turns out it was worth the wait. With no particular reason for the gap between records, other than to make sure it was right, it shows that cranking out music doesn’t have to be production line and if you take your time, sometimes it is totally worth it.

With a mix of styles centred with a country heart, Far From Home is possibly the album that the term Americana was coined for. Part scuzzy rock (as on the Steve Earle accompanied ‘My Love Will Not Change’,) part woozy indie (‘You Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet’), and part mix of either along with country-leaning instrumentation (‘Worried Mind’), this keeps you on your toes with its changes of sound, all while staying coherent. Sellers herself has called her music “garage country” and that’s probably as perfect a label as you can put on it.

The album is available on Spotify or Tidal (embed below)
Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

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