Atlantic Dash - Human Error

Atlantic Dash have been very quiet of late, showing no sign of releasing a follow up to this mini album that was released by Fierce Panda back in 2004. The Northampton five piece have all but disappeared - the website has been taken down, and they have not performed live for quite some time. Which is a shame, as these songs show a band with a lot going for them.

Opening track Opportunity is probably one of the weakest songs on the album, a head down guitar thumper which makes them sound more like an overly earnest school band that a serious contender. But second track About a Boy changes that preconception - an excellent track, full of twists and turns and a wonderful piano arrangement at the end and some fine vocals.

The rest of the album never really hits of highs of About the Boy, but certainly does its best to try. Leave it all Behind, the single, is a spirited piece of indie rock, jangling guitars and thundering drums. Solitude is also a fine track, slower paced, with some a really good piano line, almost Keane with guitars. Album closer What is New? is also very special, a fine mixture of guitars and pianos, perfectly balanced.

If the internet is anything to go by, it looks as if Atlantic Dash may have disbanded, which is a shame. For them to call it a day after just one release means that they have not really given themselves a chance. The songs are here are strong and well recorded, and it would be loss if they all decided to go back to their day jobs.




out of 10
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