Ash - Starcrossed

It's got to be tough for Ash for no matter how hard they try - the mohican, the Gibson Flying V, the boozing, breakdown and the drugs - they're never going to generate any more controversy than Westlife but, having slipped into one place in the music, they look embarressed when trying to move on as they did with the release of Candy.

In staying in with the rock/metal grind of their latest album, Meltdown, Starcrossed is just, well, what you'd expect from them, if no better or worse. With Charlotte Hatherley's album set for release in the coming weeks, there's a chance Ash will be eclipsed by their guitarist and Tim Wheeler, who looks increasingly frustrated in his attempts to give the rock star thing his all, may need to get back to Downpatrick and his father's garden to think it all over once again.



out of 10
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