Artichoke - Sunshine

You can tell Artichoke have spent a great deal of time listening to things like Sonic Youth and The Breeders. That's certainly no waste of time and neither are Artichoke, who, though they wear their influences on their sleeve, manage to sound both fresh and interesting. It's probably a lot to do with their vocalists, Nadya Ostroff who, with backing from Chris Kramer, acts as a perfect counterpoint to the heavy, bass driven music. She has a great, distinctive voice and Kramer's backing adds another dimension to the songs. This is best exemplified by the staggeringly heavy Sunshine in which Ostroff's chanting is echoed by Kramer's sardonic delivery. It's a fantastic song.

It's clear from this all too brief CD that 'Artichoke' have a very well developed sense of what makes a song work and what doesn't. 'Down & Out' combines heavy, rolling bass lines with immaculate little hooks and fills. It's catchy and will embed itself in your head after only a listen or two. That's the great thing about Artichoke, although presenting nothing much in the way of newness, they do it in such style and have such great little songs that they are instantly forgiven for this. This demo single is eleven minutes and thirteen seconds of pounding, meaty, satisfying goodness.

You can catch Artichoke live at Gossips, Dean Street, Soho, London on September 9th. See their a website here for more details and there’s even some downloads for you to sample their wares.



out of 10
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