Arctic Monkeys - Who The **** Are Arctic Monkeys?

No alarms and no surprises perhaps best sums up this EP from Sheffield's finest. The View From The Afternoon you'll already know as arguably the best track from Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, while the four new songs continue in the style of previous material and maintain a similar quality. Two are quiet, two are loud. The cheekily named title track would seem to be aimed at the critics (those sharpening knives, at least), and is the band at their most ballsy and confident.

These new songs won't win the lads new fans; nor will they lose them any. Those who consider Arctic Monkeys overrated will continue to do so. Those who reckon they are the best thing since The Beatles\The Smiths\The Stone Roses\Oasis (circle as appropriate) won't be disappointed. It's more of the same, which for many will be enough.

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