Archie Bronson Outfit - Derdang Derdang

Although based in South London, Archie Bronson Outfit are a band with both feet firmly planted in America. They operate on a similar level to bands like The Kings of Leon - a mixture of straight forward rock and blues, thrills and studio gimmicks stripped to a minimum, bringing out a no-nonsense approach where the songs do the talking. This album, their second, saw them take a trip to their emotional home in Nashville and work with Kings of Leon producer Jacquire King, who has helped them craft this highly accomplished collection. It is full of good, old fashioned, head down guitar stompers - shades of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jesus and Mary Chain, Thee Hypnotics - full of attitude and dirty charm.

Standout track is easily "Dart for My Sweetheart", the opening single, a song that sounds almost like a nursery line, slowing building and building the tension as the drums pound and the guitars snarl around you. Opener "Cherry Lips" is also excellent, a rhythmic blend of guitars and bass, almost hypnotic and full of energy. "Got to Get" follows a similar theme, chugging along like a freight train. The vocals to are great, Sam Windett almost pleading his way through the songs, seemingly on the edge of hysteria at any given moment. This is most true on "Dead Funny", a brilliant track with some very tongue in cheek lyrics and a driving, jangling sound.

Its not all great - "Modern Lovers" and "Kink" are the weakest tracks here, particularly the former, which is just a relentless groove with nothing much to hold onto. However, songs like "Jab Jab" and "How I Sang Dang" more than make up for this - exciting pieces of rhythmic rock full of charm and a dirty glamour all their own.

Album closer "Harp for my Sweetheart" is also a highlight - a slower piece, picked out quite tenderly on a guitar with a hushed, intimate vocal - it is very up close and personal, really well recorded and delivered.

Archie Bronson Outfit really stand out amid the current crop of bands - they combine a timeless memory of "rock" with originality and passion all of their own. This is a great release, not without its flaws, but a good indication of a band that should just get better and better.

Archie Bronson Outfit are touring at the moment, and can be seen at the following venues:

23 Taunton, Club Aura
24 Cardiff, Barfly
25 Brighton, Freebutt
26 Winchester, Railway
27 Wolverhampton, Little Civic
28 Leicester, The Charlotte
30 Salisbury, Old Ale House

2 Manchester, Late Room
3 Birmingham, Barfly
7 LONDON, Tate Britain
10 Glasgow, King Tuts
11 Aberdeen, Tunnels
13 Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
19 Southampton, Joiners
20 LONDON, Spitz Blues Festival
25 Sheffield, 1917 Klub dNR Live
26 Liverpool, Magnet
27 Leeds, Vine
28 Lancaster, Rockfeedback
29 Bolton, Number 15



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