Anna Krantz - Precious Time With You

Consider Leann Rimes minus, say, the nominally fun Can’t Fight The Moonlight and you have some idea of what to expect from Anna Krantz’s debut album. Precious Time With You is ten tracks worth of sensible adult pop (mainly "piano-driven" ballads, sometimes drifting into tasteful jazz territory) and finds Ms Krantz variously fretting over a boyfriend, confronting a bad boyfriend, or wishing some man was hers.

Of its type, it’s not bad. (Heck, she doesn’t warble and keeps it brief.) She has already toured with Will Young and the single Sweeter Devotion is on the Radio 2 playlist as I write, so at least she’s being targetted at the right audience. These are the sort of songs that tend to end up soundtracking any advert where a woman curls up on a sofa with a nice hot drink or glass of wine. “Anna,” you want to remind her, “you’re 24, not 44.” One suspects this record will sell by the bucketload.



out of 10
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