Angie Stone - I Wanna Thank You

Coming after the release of her album, Stone Love, Angie Stone's first single restores a strong feeling of there being some feeling behind soul music instead of r'n'b beats and the theft of an idea or two from hip-hop no matter the cameo appearance from Snoop Dogg, once part of the Death Row label and now reborn as a soul star.

Stone's intention behind the writing of I Wanna Thank You was to have a song that would give the listener the feeling of summer and with a light sound, there being a touch of jazz, a lot of soul and Snoop Dogg's rap, she's succeeded. Unlike contemporary soul, which owes more to the pop of Whitney Houston than James Brown, this goes back to the records of Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and Sly Stone and is timed to perfection for a release in early-August.



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