Alistair Griffin - You & Me (Tonight)

Unlike any feeling I've got for Alex Parks - and I'm not entirely sure what I feel about Alex Parks - I'd like Alistair Griffin to make it, if not to fill stadiums then at least to a point where Universal aren't reviewing his contract seven or eight months from now.

Like Robbie Williams after leaving Take That and before the release of Angels, all Griffin needs is one big hit that will sweep all that's in the charts out of its path in its rush to number one. Will he get it? Not on the evidence of this single nor Bring It On, the album that was released earlier this year, as both err on the side of safety and turn out quite dull as a result.

Alistair Griffin has a way with lyrics and a melody but were it not for his place in Fame Academy, it's difficult to see him having an album released on a major label. Indeed, there's little to separate You & Me (Tonight) with the kind of nice but mediocre pop that's played out in pubs up and down the country every weekend without impressing anyone but friends of the band and, sadly for Griffin, a handful of mates will never guarantee a career past this December.



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