Alex Lloyd - Hello The End

Despite the praise heaped on Automatic For The People, I've always been more of a fan of the albums that preceded it, particularly Green. As well as being their breakthrough album in the UK, Green was also their one record that was closest to being their Led Zeppelin album in that it mixed folk, hard rock and pop almost without effort whereas later albums held firm to one sound or another and worked hard to slip rock into Out Of Time or Automatic For The People or ballads onto Monster.

From sounding so much like REM, including distorted Rickenbackers through to the phrasing of the vocals, it's hoped that Alex Lloyd follows the mix of sounds on Murmur, Life's Rich Pageant, Document or Green than the narrow sound of Monster. Lloyd is something of a star in his native Australia but is barely known over here and alongside his forthcoming album, Distant Light, this single is his chance of making it in the UK.

Whilst not the equal of the best of REM - These Days, Radio Free Europe and You Are The Everything - it's the equal of a few of their early album tracks or the singles from Up and Reveal. Anyone who's left feeling lost between REM albums would be advised to pick up a copy of this or Distant Light but it's still only an imitation of a once-great band.



out of 10
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